May 11 2011

April Powder 2011

April Pow 2011 med

FUSE is on a mission.  Whereas the original 4X took skateboarding to hard snow and ice, the FUSE 1X takes snowskating to the freeride domain of big mountains and backcountry terrain.  The new FUSE freeride 1X series, The Stash and The Highlife, are the 2 bigger models made to jump, drop, and shred technical fast lines in any conditions.  When tech. skate tricks, ie. flip tricks and varials, enter the mix look out!  The FUSE Freeride 1X snowskates are looking to change the game and usher in a new era and approach to the shred.  Check the new line-up in the fall 2011.  There will be a sneak peek at all the new FUSE products at the Summer Open at Mt. Hood, July 5,6 as well.  And, stay posted!

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