Jan 15 2013

FUSE Snowskate Derby 2013

FUSE Snowskate Derby is on! Visit skicb.com/derby for lodging reservations. info@fusesnow.com for questions.

Mar 3 2012

FUSE 1X, The General, In Stock

Available now is the FUSE 1X, The General.  Grab and go for resort on-piste thrashing of hits, slashes, and airs.  Bomb hills and handle in hard snow too.  Dolphin Geometry allows speed and control while allowing buttery feel for tricks and park obstacles. Quality throughout with hand crafted bamboo core ski, Rocker Trucks, Gravity Deck, and 6# EVA grip.  Number one off the production line has been ridden steadily and is still solid and snappy.  Season’s in full swing; get a new skate!

Feb 8 2012

The FUSE Snowskate Derby at Crested Butte, CO

The first ever FUSE Snowskate Derby went down last weekend at the FUSE home base in Crested Butte, Colorado. Bright blue skies and great snow conditions set the stage for a unique contest format based on another leisure drinking “sport”, golf.

Crested Butte’s 3 parks were broken down into 9 separate single features or multiple features in a row; these making up the “holes”. The field was broken down into foursomes that ran the course getting up to 3 tries per hole. Each person carried a score card and judged their best run themselves with the consensus of their group.

Par would be a 4 and generally a stock run with little to no sketch. Add some amplitude or tweak on a stock run and it’s a birdie 3. A really sick run gets an eagle 2. And a never before scene trick in snowskating or phenomenal run would ace the hole for a 1.

Butt checks and hand drags adds a point to any of the above scores. Or, an otherwise less than stock run gets a bogey 5 or double bogey 6, and so forth.

The lowest 3 scores went into a final round that was a best of 5 holes being judged by 4 appointed judges.

1st place was a buttery smooth, Sean Davis, out of South Lake Tahoe. 2nd went to technical ripper, Reek Ellis, also out of So. Lake Tahoe. And, 3rd place was Silverthorne, Colorado’s legendary snowskater, Matt Quam.

CB’s own Coreshot rocked an after party at local saloon, Kochevar’s, till the wee hours of the night.

Sunday the skater’s convened at FUSE headquarters in Mt. Crested Butte for an all day backyard jib and pow bash.

Photos and video are coming in and will post up as available.

Much thanks to Crested Butte for all their hard work. Also, big thanks to all the sponsors for being part of the snowskate movement. Special thanks, of course, to all the competitors, especially those that travelled great distances to make it.

The FUSE Snowskate Derby was a great success and a great time; a true classic in the making!

May 11 2011

April Powder 2011

April Pow 2011 med

FUSE is on a mission.  Whereas the original 4X took skateboarding to hard snow and ice, the FUSE 1X takes snowskating to the freeride domain of big mountains and backcountry terrain.  The new FUSE freeride 1X series, The Stash and The Highlife, are the 2 bigger models made to jump, drop, and shred technical fast lines in any conditions.  When tech. skate tricks, ie. flip tricks and varials, enter the mix look out!  The FUSE Freeride 1X snowskates are looking to change the game and usher in a new era and approach to the shred.  Check the new line-up in the fall 2011.  There will be a sneak peek at all the new FUSE products at the Summer Open at Mt. Hood, July 5,6 as well.  And, stay posted!

Dec 12 2010

X Games 09

WX 09 is in the books and have to say it went off pretty good. With FUSE, you can make something out of a damn frozen puddle. This said, we had just enough prime Buttermilk real estate to pull off some good lines. Yelling directions to a cat driver that has 15 minutes to rough out your park only goes so far. Luckily we got a skid steer in there to rough it a little better; it came down to a lot of hand work and even a chain saw to cut in some set-up flat for the jump. The boxes ended up pretty sweet and everyone seemed to at least give em a try. The slant box and extension were rad but only good when the in-run was completely buffed out. The flat deckers, particularly Alan Gerlach were definitely feeling the extension and making it through the slop. Temperatures hovered at barely freezing and there was a few inches every morning waiting to be pushed away by the hungover digger crew.

Standout riding moments were some big pops/kf over the jump, 50s, frnt. lip, and back crook on the long down box, and random old school crazy shit…finger flips, hand plants, bonelesses. lots of wipes, especially going over the slant box at the bottom. With 3 rows of crash fencing, no one got hurt. Actually it was a miracle nobody got hurt. it was packed the whole time with crazies. Take that back, one kid did get a smashed finger pretty good…looked like he stuck his finger in a plumb.

Shots available now on FB http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=1111368871&ref=profile and posted up here soon.